Rovinj - Rovigno

important centre on the Western coast of Istrian region (Republic of Croatia), is a meeting point of North Adriatic

The Rovinj coastal area is very well articulated with numerous bays, creeks, and capes. There are places of great natural and ecological value: forest park Punta Corente-Muntrav, St. Andrea's archipelago, the Palud marsh, the Limski kanal Fjord, and Monfiorenzo cave. Along the coast, with a markedly Mediterranean flora and fauna, a sup-Mediterranean climate with a moderate humidity level prevails. The presence of man reaches back to prehistoric time. The antique city nucleus, built on foundations of an insular fortification which was a prehistoric settlement (Bronze Age - Iron Age), dates from the 2nd-4th century, and also presents a unique Venetian urban and architectural model, built upon late antiquity and high medieval foundations.

lightThe historic nucleus is piled up on a hill, on a very narrow building area of former island, with houses bunched together up to the door-step of the baroque church of St. Euphemia. The church and its slender bell-tower dominate the city, with the ample Valdibora bay on North side and the pictoresque bay of St. Catherine on Southern side of the city. Rovinj is an important economic centre. The most important companies and enterprises are those connected to hotel-and-tourist sector (hotels, camps, bungalows, private accomodation, etc...), industrial sector (above all tobacco manufacturing and fishing industry), and seamanship and fishing.

Rovinj is a seat of numerous sporting associations, important scientific and research institutions (the "Ruđer Bošković" Institute with the Aquarium, Historical research centre), socio-humanistic institutions (the City Museum, Open University Extension, Matica Hrvatska, Italian Community, Cultural clubs "F.Glavinić" and "M. Garbin", theatre-cinema "A. Gandusio", MMC, Visual Arts Centre "Batana", Artistic Colony, Brass Band, Majorettes, and Summer Festival of Classical Music), and educational instituitions (preschool facilities, primary, secondary and vocational schools). Adria (I), Camaiore (I), and Leonberg (D) are twinned cities of the city of Rovinj.